I am wondering why this command works:


and I got references working correctly, and instead with this code I get the document compiled, but references do not work (question marks appear):


In there any way to modify the above code in order to have references working?

I add a minimal code that allow compilation:

In picture reference \ref{figure1} works, instead in picture \ref{figure2} does not 
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    Could you pease make your example code compilable by adding the documentclass as well as the relevant packages? How/where is \adjustimage defined? – leandriis Oct 17 at 13:53
  • \adjustimage is part of the adjustbox package; I have added a minimal code that allow compilation, maybe all packages are not really needed (I am using pdflatex with .eps images) – hardhu Oct 17 at 14:25
  • Thanks a lot, since I am pretty new in the use of adjustbox package I was misleaded in the search for a solution – hardhu Oct 17 at 14:46

As explained in Why does an environment's label have to appear after the caption?, the \label must, well, appear after the \caption. In this case the caption package even issues a warning

Package caption Warning: \label without proper reference on input line 11.
See the caption package documentation for explanation.

Unrelated: in a TeX distribution which is not completely outdated it is not necessary to load the epstopdf package.

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