When I use \only<#> in the \note{} section of my beamer slides, I'm getting odd behavior where an extra slide gets generated at the end of each series of slides. For example the following document:


\setbeameroption{show notes on second screen=right}

\item<1> Foo
\item<2> Bar
\note{\only<1>{Say Foo}\only<2>{Say Bar}}

This results in three frames being generated, when I expected there to be only two because I only referenced slide numbers 1 and 2 in both the itemize and the \note{}. What gives?


Welp, nothing rings more true right now than asking a question being the impetus needed to think of a way to answer your own question.

I can achieve the desired effect by making multiple notes, each in their own \only<>{}:

  \only<1>{\note{Say Foo}}
  \only<2>{\note{Say Bar}}

But the question still stands, as to why an only{} inside a \note{} acts so weird.

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    Thank you for sharing your solution! I suspect it has to do something with the way frames are counted, and I think that the notes change it. Mar 26 '20 at 8:33

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