I have a Dell XPS 15 with MikTex 2.9 installed. For some reason, and without reason, when I open a tex file within TeXworks, the fonts looks like chinese (see graphic). Oddly, it compiles fine. If I create a new file and open the original file in notepad, and paste the original text from notepad to a new file within TeXworks and then try to Typeset the file I get a "Undefined control sequence." The crazy looking file is attached. I am not having this problem on my desktop nor do I have this problem if I open this same file in TeXStudio.

Thoughts on what could be causing this?


enter image description here

  • Note: I never had a problem prior to today and I have been using MikTeX on my laptop for about 3 weeks now without an issue. – calmymail Oct 18 at 0:16
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    welcome to tex.sx. – barbara beeton Oct 18 at 0:21
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    It looks like you opened the file with a different encoding e.g., your file is utf8 and you opened with utf16, or something like that. See if you can reopen the file with the correct encoding (most likely utf8). – Phelype Oleinik Oct 18 at 1:57

Like Phelype Oleinik already said, it seams to be the wrong encoding. You can change the Enconding like that:


There is an option called 'Encoding' choose UTF-8.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. On my desktop it is UTF-8. I changed the default on my desktop to UTF-8 (it was something different.) However, I get strange characters, although a different set of characters. Any other suggestions? – calmymail Oct 19 at 23:22
  • Did you try to open the file with another editor? - Whats the result? – Ahrtaler Oct 21 at 9:10

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