Opening a .tex file in any text editor (TexShop, Atom, ...) gives me the ugly

%PDF-1.5 %ÐÔÅØ 3 0 obj << /Length 2988
/Filter /FlateDecode > stream xÚÍMwÛÆñî_[Á÷Lx¿ë=;Ø®ìŒ, Р ¶ÕþùÎì,@ZJc§œÅ`vŸ¿\%,ùñ;rýáÝ£'/žMË:yw8ecmfOÞ­÷é?ÖŠeñ¯ÅR²<ív¥0骭újUÔŽ{ã÷Êvµ­ŸÚ6Ž;\ÏTMÕxçÒMY4KÜ*ëõâüÝË[)#¥PcNœjëyÂU&h\ò ÆsDqGÄO^(ÀÉ-Ç'7w:Yj

(these are just the first few lines). For the story behind, the trouble is due to an unwary application of a duplicate file finder.

I suspect some encoding problem here and fear there is no way back to the original content (the pdf file is undamaged). Do I only need to change encoding in the text editor or is the information irremediably lost ?

Sorry for the naive question. I keep close to my desktop to give more information/edit my post if needed, or change the location if not appropriate here.

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    Welcome to the site! What you've shown is the typical beginning of a PDF file. So the problem is not an encoding issue but the fact that somehow the .tex has been overwritten with the contents of a PDF file. It would be hard to recover a .tex file from this. – ShreevatsaR Oct 18 at 9:37
  • Argh, this is precisely what I feared. Perfectly coherent with the application of a duplicate file finder. Thanks a lot for the confirmation ! – Olivier Oct 18 at 9:42

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