I'm writing a document with XeLaTeX where I often have to include stylised itemize environments as shown below (MWE follows):

Example itemize list



\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text, Color=textcolor]{Arno Pro}
\newfontfamily\ornamentfont[Ligatures=TeX,Numbers=OldStyle,Scale=MatchLowercase]{Bodoni Ornaments ITC}






  \item Step 1
    \item Option A
    \item Option B
      \item Sub\--option C
  \item Step 2


Every now and then, I need to show that some steps of these instructions are only required for an advanced setup. I was thinking to render such cases by superimposing the ornament on a round teal circle.

Using a special symbol for a item is quite easy:

\item[\advanced] Step 2

However, the definition of \advanced is such that the two symbols are not properly aligned:

Misaligned symbols for Step 2

I've no idea how to fix this. What's the easiest way to properly render the symbol for the advanced steps? Shall I create a picture and use it instead? Thanks in advance!

The answer to the question "Alignment of custom item symbol in beamer" suggests a way to adjust symbols horizontally. Can it be done vertically as well?

In "itemize - alignment of custom bullet symbols" a few solutions with enumitem are reported, but can they be used when the symbols to align are two?

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Inspired by the answers to the question "Vertically centering symbols and graphics inside math formulas", I've put together the following hacky solution:




  \item[\advanced] Step 2

Which produces the following output:

Resulting output

I think it's not a very elegant solution (I'm talking to you, \hskip-0.95em) so if you have any better answer, please post it!

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