Hi I would like to specify a specific font for my documentclass, Varela Round.

I am using MikTex and need to compile with PDFLaTeX only. Is this possible?


You have to make a package to use it (I don't think there exists one). This means:

  • making .tfm and, perhaps, .vf files
  • converting the fonts to type1
  • defining .fd and .map files for use with latex. Also a .sty file.
  • install all these files in a local TeXMF tree, at the relevant places.
  • mention the font in a local updmap.cfg and refresh the filenames database and the type1 fonts database.

All this can be done with the lcdf type tools. The fontinst package will help. All details are explained in the font installation guide.

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    .vf files aren't required, though they are one possibility. Truetype fonts can also be used without conversion to type1. – cfr Oct 21 at 2:23
  • Note that conversion can violate font licences (but I know nothing about these fonts, so maybe that's not a concern). – cfr Oct 21 at 2:27

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