I like to typeset something like this

\begin{two-column gather}
   A < B + 1,      &   E = 3F   \\
   2 + (-C) > D,   &   G/4 = H
\end{two-column gather}

such that each column is horizontally centered.

I would say that align is a bad idea because I do not want to align the mathrels. I also tried \begin{array}{cc} but the vertical spacing looks weird. Plus it does not number equations.

Question: what is the proper way to typeset this?


Try this:

   A < B + 1,  \\
   2 + (-C) > D,
  E = 3F   \\
G/4 = H
  • Two & in between, right? I knew it is a matter of creativity. – Symbol 1 Oct 19 at 22:27
  • Oh! yes \ I was thinking in terms of tabularx. Also, note that with alignat{2}, you can control the spacing between the two groups. – Bernard Oct 19 at 22:31
  • I guess I will do that simply with \mkern. I start getting tired of the fancy syntax to do really simple works (things like \setlength is just useless). Thanks anyway. – Symbol 1 Oct 19 at 22:41
  • The second & is here to specify there's a newcolumn that begins; whence some spacing added by the environment. As there's nothing to align really, I didn't write the third & (don't forget n alignment columns require 2*n*–1 & . – Bernard Oct 22 at 9:59

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