I've downloaded the LaTex template from this link. While compiling the LaTex file (sample-sigconf.tex), I get the following error: enter image description here

I haven't modified any lines in the template file, still, I get the error. Is there anything wrong with the template file or with my PC? What could be the solution to this?

Thank you.

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The problem was occurred due to the following lines:

%% A "teaser" image appears between the author and affiliation
%% information and the body of the document, and typically spans the
%% page.
 % \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{sampleteaser}
  %\caption{Seattle Mariners at Spring Training, 2010.}
  %\Description{Enjoying the baseball game from the third-base
  %seats. Ichiro Suzuki preparing to bat.}

There are some other instructions for Tables and Equationstoo. We need to comment on them with % or delete those lines from the Tex file. If you see further lines on the Tex file, you can find the proper Tex code for Figure, Table, and Equations.

After removing the error-prone 'instructions', my problem was solved.

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