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What is the code for write this mapps in this picture?

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    If you download papers from the arxiv, it is not hard to get the original tex code for each file. For example, look here: arxiv.org/abs/1907.13006 and click on "Other formats". Then click on "source". You should get the original tex file we wrote. That gives you lots of examples of code you can copy from. – Benjamin McKay Oct 21 at 19:02

With tikz-cd:


    \begin{tikzcd}[cells = {nodes={minimum width=3.5em, inner xsep=0pt}},
                   row sep=0pt]
\rho:G \ar[r]           &   GL(V)   \\
s      \ar[r, mapsto]   &   \rho_s

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amsmath and mathtools each provide extensible versions of \rightarrow and \mapsto using \xrightarrow{<stuff>} and \xmapsto{<stuff>}.

Below I inserted a 1em space (using \quad) as the arguments (<stuff>) to both. You can use \hspace{<len>} where you specify an appropriate <len>gth (see What commands are there for horizontal spacing?).

enter image description here




  \rho \colon G &\xrightarrow{\quad} GL(V) \\
              s &\xmapsto{\quad} \rho_s

    $\rho:G \longrightarrow GL(V)$

    $s\longmapsto \rho_s$

This should reproduce the above picture..

  • How to adjust Length of arrow? – mohammed Oct 21 at 18:17

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