I want to put one picture in the appendix.

I tried different approaches but all the time my figure appears in the next pages. I also tried to set different size of figure but nevertheless the figure stays in the same page.

I want this figure be in the same page as appendix label and that the figure be in vertical position and the maximum as possible size.

I tried this code:

\caption{Overall system setup}

My figure looks next:

enter image description here

I have tried width=0.6 but the figure just stays on the previous page. How can I solve it?

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If I remember correctly, environment sidewaysfigure goes to the next page by default (or maybe there is a [h] or even [h!] option, check the rotating package documentation).

A workaround would be to define a minipage with specific height, and scale the width of your rotated image to that height. See the following MWE:



\section{World map}


Which produces: enter image description here

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