I just want to make my URL link underline.

For example below: enter image description here

I can provide my MWE if needed. I am thinking is it just add some commend like:

\DeclareFieldFormat{url}{Available at\addcolon\space\url{#1}}

Underlining in LaTeX is hard and I would in general try to avoid it as much as possible.

One way to get an 'underlined' URL is to fake the underlining with the boxes around links in hyperref. This is only a faked underline though since the boxes are not printed. See for example How can I have colored and underlined links with hyperref?.

Another method is explained in How do I underline the DOI in the bibliography using biblatex/biber? (Context: continued work on SAE class) (and stolen from I cannot get a (properly) underlined hyperlink in blue)



  urlfrom = {available at},


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