So in my document I defined the left margin as 3cm and right as 2.5. would there be any reason for the margin to come out as nearly 3.5 and 3 when measuring the printed document?

%Document Declerations

%margin Settings
\usepackage[inner=3cm, outer=2.54cm, top=2.54cm, bottom=2.54cm]{geometry}
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    Exactly how did you print? Many pdf viewers will by default actually scale the contents. – daleif Oct 23 '19 at 14:58
  • I printed from Adobe reader, thanks – H98 Oct 23 '19 at 15:00
  • There could be a gutter added to the page, which adds to the margins. Or, possibly, the print margin could have scaled (shrunk) the output to fit. – Werner Oct 23 '19 at 15:17
  • did you specify the same page size (a4paper or letterpaper) as your physical paper? – David Carlisle Oct 23 '19 at 17:31
  • Although I think this shouldn't have an effect when you specify margin dimensions, are you specifying twoside ore using a document class that is by default two-sided? – barbara beeton Oct 23 '19 at 23:14

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