I'm struggling to produce a picture like this with TIKZ. The usual Eulero-Venn diagrams intersect at the center. I want them to make the intersection at the bottom, so there is space for the arrows. I tried my best with WORD here. Ideally, the two diagrams should be less skewed. enter image description here

  • Welcome to TeX.SX! Maybe you could link to some description of "Eulero-Vienn diagrams" (I'm just familiar with Euler or Venn diagrams). If you don't need a special package you could just draw this with simple tikz comands: ellipse (rotated by some angle), nodes and arrows. – dexteritas Oct 23 at 16:27
  • Just out of idle curiosity: Is "Eulero" a variant (Italian??) spelling of the surname of Leonhard Euler? – Mico Oct 23 at 20:12

Welcome. Maybe this is a start.

\begin{tikzpicture}[bullet/.style={fill,circle,inner sep=1.5pt},>=latex]
 \draw[rotate=45] (-1.28,0) circle (1 and 2) 
    ++ (0,0.4) foreach \X in {1,...,4}
  {++ (0,0.3) node[bullet] (L\X){}};
 \draw[rotate=-45] (1.28,0) circle (1 and 2)
  ++ (0,0.4) foreach \X in {1,...,4}
  {++ (0,0.3) node[bullet] (R\X){} };
 \draw foreach \X in {1,...,4}
  {(L\X) edge[thick,->] (R\X)};
 \draw foreach \X in {1,2} { (0,-1.2-0.3*\X) node[bullet] (M\X){}
    edge[thick,->,loop right] (M\X)};

enter image description here

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