I really like the arrow tips shown in How to get rid of the viewer's (incorrect) axes in an Asymptote 3D graphics and am wondering how to produce this in pgfplots:

enter image description here enter image description here

I admit I have not tried yet, but adapting something like the solutions from Cut-off cone in TikZ seems a bit much, so before I pursue that thought I would see if this was already available in some 3D library.

The code below is a reduced version from Drawing Axis Grid in 3D with Custom Unit Vectors and sets up a basic 3d axis and grid.




\NewDocumentCommand{\DrawCoordinateGrid}{O{} m m m m m m}{%
    \begin{scope}[canvas is xy plane at z=0, thick, red]
      \draw [#1] (\XGridMin,\YGridMin) grid (\XGridMax,\YGridMax);
    \begin{scope}[canvas is yz plane at x=0, thin, blue]
      \draw [#1] (\YGridMin,\ZGridMin) grid (\YGridMax,\ZGridMax);
    \begin{scope}[canvas is xz plane at y=0, thin, orange]
      \draw [#1] (\XGridMin,\ZGridMin) grid (\XGridMax,\ZGridMax);

\NewDocumentCommand{\DrawCoordinateAxis}{O{} m m m m m m}{%
    \begin{scope}[thin, gray, -latex]
        \draw [#1] (\XAxisMin,0,0) -- (\XAxisMax,0,0) node [below left] {$x$};
        \draw [#1] (0,\YAxisMin,0) -- (0,\YAxisMax,0) node [right] {$y$};
        \draw [#1] (0,0,\ZAxisMin) -- (0,0,\ZAxisMax) node [above] {$z$};

    x={(1.0cm,0.0cm)}, y={(0.0cm,1.0cm), z={(-0.5cm,-0.1cm)}}% All grids are ok

    \DrawCoordinateAxis[thick, black]{0}{5}{0}{5}{0}{5}

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It's possible to get a better integration. The first try gives this code



     ball color=#1,
     shift = {#2},
     (0,0) -- (75:.8mm) arc (75:105:.8mm)--cycle; 
\begin{tikzpicture}[x = {(\axexthreed)},
                    y = {(\axeythreed)},
                    z = {(\axezthreed)},
                    scale = 4]
   \begin{scope}[canvas is zy plane at x=0]
     \draw[green!50!blue] (.5,.5) circle (.5cm); 
     \draw [green!50!blue,step=.1] (0,0) grid (1,1);  
   \begin{scope}[canvas is zx plane at y=0]
     \draw[blue!50!red] (.5,.5) circle (.5cm); 
     \draw [blue!50!red,step=.1] (0,0) grid (1,1); 
   \begin{scope}[canvas is yx plane at z=0]
     \draw[red!50!green] (.5,.5) circle (.5cm);
     \draw [red!50!green,step=.1] (0,0) grid (1,1);   

\draw[red]   (0,0,0) -- (.95,0,0)    node[red,left=6pt]    {$x$}; 
\draw[green] (0,0,0) -- (0,.95,0)    node[green,right=6pt] {$y$}; 
\draw[blue]  (0,0,0) -- (0,0,.95)    node[blue,above=6pt]  {$z$};       

enter image description here

  • These look very good. Have you a way to wrap this into a macro, or a style setting to make it easier to use? Also should use math mode for the axis labels. Commented Apr 10, 2012 at 21:52

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