I am using XeLaTeX and have found on this site to use the following (that works on XeLaTeX) for generating the very basic PDF metadata (title, subject, author, keywords, date):


    Author={The Author},
    Creator={The Author},
    Title={The Title},
    Subject={The Subject},


I read somewhere on the PDF specification which I can't seem to find right now, about the ability to specify custom metadata as long as it fits some standard/convention or something. So I'm wondering if there is a standard way to add the email and website to the metadata of the PDF (and any other potentially useful metadata one might like to add). In XeLaTeX.

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You can just supply additional key-value pairs:

enter image description here



  pdfinfo = {
    Author       = {The Author},
    Creator      = {The Author},
    Title        = {The Title},
    Subject      = {The Subject},
    CreationDate = {D:20040502195600},
    ModDate      = {D:20040502195600},
    Keywords     = {foo,bar},
    Producer     = {xelatex},
    Something    = {Something else},
    Another      = {Another key with a value}




However, visibility of these key-value pairs might be viewer-dependent; the above visual is within Adobe Reader under the Custom tab within the Document Properties (Ctrl-D). As mentioned in the dialog window:

You can add custom properties to this document. Each custom property requires a unique name, which must not be one of the standard property names Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Creator, Producer, CreationDate, ModDate, and Tagged.

This is independent of the engine used.

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