I am trying to adapt my paper into IEEE Access template in Overleaf. According to the documentation I have to define a figure by using \Figure tag instead of using \begin{figure} tag. Here is the example from IEEE Access template in below:

\Figure[t!](topskip=0pt, botskip=0pt, midskip=0pt){fig1.png}
{Magnetization as a function of applied field.
It is good practice to explain the significance of the figure in the caption.\label{fig1}}

However if I use this for my figure, the size exceeds the width in text block. And I couldn't find how to use it. On the other hand If I use \begin{figure} tag the caption is not the same as it supposed to be.

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    Hi there! This is Tom from Overleaf Support Team. Can you please try \Figure[t!](topskip=0pt, botskip=0pt, midskip=0pt)[width=0.9\linewidth]{fig1.png} {Caption}? I'm not sure if it's documented anywhere, but it should work.
    – yo'
    Oct 24, 2019 at 13:11
  • Yes this solution worked. Thank you so much. Oct 24, 2019 at 14:42

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Here is the solution which is answered by Tom (@yo') from Overleaf Team in below:

   \Figure[t!](topskip=0pt, botskip=0pt, midskip=0pt)[width=0.9\linewidth] 
    {fig1.png} {Caption}

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