I try to put my picture in a page, my picture is a little bit large. I try this way, it does not give me the best answer, some part of the image is cut. I also try [width=\0.5] or [scale=\0.6] or many other numbers instead of them, but no good answer. Does anyone know what do exactly width=\linewidth and \columnwidth and height-0.35\textheight do?

        \hfill\includegraphics[width=\linewidth,height=0.35\textheight]{axe/11}\hspace*{\fill}  %it is suggested to using scale to zoom figures without distortion
    \caption{The overview of three tanks connect to each other \cite{xie1999strong}.}


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    Your figure most likely contains some whitespace around it. Use \fbox{\includegraphics[..]{...}} to see what the space around it is. – Werner Oct 24 at 18:24

First, as advised by @Werner, make sure your picture has minimal white (useless) space around it.

Then a standard


should do the trick.

If you want more tuning, you can check \resizebox{}{}{}. For instance:

  • Your last suggestion is similar yet inferior to the first. Also, you have some spurious spaces in the usage. – Werner Oct 25 at 5:28

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