Is there a way to insert a condition line break, in order to get better page breaks, i.e. less empty space on the pages?

My concrete problem is: In my document I have some large figures, and thus there happens to be a lot of white space on certain pages. I could enlarge those figures by adding linebreaks to the formulas/text in the figures. But, I clearly only want to do this, if this reduces whitespace. At the moment I do this by hand after I finished polishing the document. But this is quite cumbersome.


You haven't given an example of what you don't like; I'm guessing that your large figures end up on pages by themselves with white space above and below. I have written, in the memoir documentation (> texdoc memoir) section 10.4 Where LaTeX puts floats, about how to control float positions but as that is 5 1/2 pages it is too long to put here.

I think that what you might want to do is to increase the proportion of a float page that has to contain a float and reduce the proportion of an ordinary (with floats) that must contain text. Perhaps:

\renewcommand{\floatpagefraction}{0.7}  % up from 0.5
\renewcommand{\textfraction}{0.1} % down from 0.2

You will probably have to experiment to get your desirable results. Maybe you would find that other things could/should be changed as well.

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