I am currently using texmaker to prepare a beamer presentation. I just noticed something strange that always happens when I used \begin{equation} \end{equation}.

When I perfectly type an equation it is executed without any errors. However, sometimes when I miss a "}" or type something wrong and run it, it obviously gave errors but when I fix the error it still keeps giving me errors.

Even if I delete everything inside the equation environment and just write something simple like f(x) it still does not run without errors. However, when I completely delete everything (including \begin{equation} \end{equation}) and retype it from scratch it does not give any errors. I am 100% sure the errors are not due to typos. As I said I even get errors for

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    This seems difficult (impossible?) to replicate... – Werner Oct 26 at 17:54
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    Welcome to tex.sx. Please provide a minimal compilable example that shows the problem. Then there should be enough information to diagnose the cause. I suspect that something before or after the equation environment is the cause. Try removing the entire equation environment (including \begin ... \end) to see if the error goes away. – barbara beeton Oct 26 at 18:32
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    So you are sure that you save the file after fixing the error and compile the updated file? – Schrödinger's cat Oct 26 at 18:57

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