I'm trying to reproduce this chapter heading (Styling my section/chapter) in memoir. This is more or less working with the following code:


   \hspace*{-0.1\textwidth}\chaptitlefont ##1}
   \vskip -2pt \hspace*{-\marginparwidth}\rule{0.7\textwidth}{5pt}}


\chapter{Es war einmal ein Mann}

But my question: Why does the following code:


leave such a large separation to the rule? As far as I understand, \vskip is creating a new paragraph. But if I use


there is no separation at all (only the 5pt of \midchapskip). \rule and \hrule are behaving differently, but I can not understand why and I did not see a good explanation for this.


\hrule is a vertical mode command so in vertical mode stacks directly under the previous thing.

The LaTeX \rule starts with \leavevmode and so is a horizontal mode command and so if used in vertical mode you will get a vertical \parskip space and a horizontal \parindent.

You will see the same behaviour if you compare \hbox{hello} with \mbox[hello}

(Also in your example you have \hspace* in the \rule example which similarly is a horizontal command.)

Perhaps this is closer to your needs

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    Many thanks for your answer. I'm reading right now doc about the two TEX modes in order to understand it. Where can I see the definition of \rule? – rogorido Apr 11 '12 at 17:06

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