With LuaTeX, it is possible to use many libraries and functions that can simplify various aspects of Lua programming. As Lua as language is quite new for the majority of TeX users, I think it would be good if we could share experiences in searching for useful libraries and techniques, that appeared to us while learning this language. Maybe we can collect a list of them.

Each answer should contain a description and a small example of usage.

Welcomed are examples using both LuaTeX (for typesetting) or TeXLua (for shell scripting).


String interpolation:

As simple templating engine one can use a technique called "string interpolation". Various attempts are described at lua wiki. A simple example is following:

#!/usr/bin/env texlua
function interp(s, tab)
  return (s:gsub('($%b{})', function(w) return tab[w:sub(3, -2)] or w end))
print( interp("${name} is ${value}", {name = "foo", value = "bar"}) )

Which prints on the terminal:

foo is bar

We can make it more simple to use:

getmetatable("").__mod = interp
print( "${name} is ${value}" % {name = "foo", value = "bar"} )

In this example, we set the mod operator for string to call our interpolation function, so one can use "format ${val}" % {val="hello"}.

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