in Ipe (The Ipe extensible drawing editor) i am not able to write å or (æø). i am aware there is a preamble settup in EDIT-> Document properties.

the problem is i set the preamble up to danish, as normal. and i testet if it works in miktex (it works) but it will not work in Ipe. the letter å is displayed as blank.

\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} %thanks's daleif
\usepackage[english, danish]{babel}

if i do not setup the preamble it cannot display any latex generatet symbols. (so a subscript ends up as normal latex code. P_0 but what i need to write i dont understand.

and yep you bet i did - tried leaving out


but did not work.

this problem is in both math and normal but i write in picture as mathmod. picture of symbols when i changed preamble

can someone try to use my code and try to display æ,ø,å can someone solve the problem - tell me what i need to write in the preamble


  • Can you configure your toolchains to use Unicode? That’s often the best way to wipe out a bunch of technical debt to the last century.
    – Davislor
    Dec 27 '20 at 20:56
  • this is not an option in Ipe ! i wish it has but thansks
    – user53617
    Feb 6 at 21:05

In the "Edit/Document Properties/Latex preamble", write:


In the math symbol [Shift+4] box write:


enter image description here

  • hhm yes it work but only after some fiddling with the program. first I have a texlive edition on my pc. it still would not work with the build in online Latex editor, but I used offline Latexeditor, it uses my texlive edition. then it works but only as long as you do 2 things consistently. if you use math mode always use \text{æ,ø,å} (you don't need the commas) and only in the text mode is it allowed to NOT use the "/text{}" so in that mode you can write " hello æ ø å" and it works
    – user53617
    Feb 6 at 21:15
  • 1
    so overall THX to Moshe Gueta, i am regular user and even if its from Christmas, your help has not been invain
    – user53617
    Feb 6 at 21:17

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