I am using the Beamer theme Focus. I'd like to insert a logo in the top-right of every slide (i.e. frame) that contains a frame title (ie. not a plain slide). I have tried a lot of hacks and frustrated at the inflexibility of hand-tuning co-ordinates for placing my image at the desired location. (All that I want is to place the image at the top-right).

For now, we may assume that I'd like to insert a generic cat picture from the www. I'd relly appreciate a solution for this problem.

Here's an MWE for starters


\title{Focus: \\ A Minimalist Beamer Theme}
\author{Author 1\texorpdfstring{\\}{,} Author 2}
\institute{Institute Name \\ Institute Address}
\date{dd mm yyyy}


    % Use starred version (e.g. \section*{Section name})
    % to disable (sub)section page.
    \section{Section 1}
    \subsection{Subsection 1.1}
    \begin{frame}{Simple frame}
        This is a simple frame.

    \begin{frame}[plain]{Plain frame}
        This is a frame with plain style and it is numbered.

    \subsection{Subsection 1.2}
        This frame has an empty title and is aligned to top.

    \begin{frame}[noframenumbering]{No frame numbering}
        This frame is not numbered and is citing reference \cite{knuth74}.

    \begin{frame}{Typesetting and Math}
        The packages \texttt{inputenc} and \texttt{FiraSans}\footnote{\url{https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Fira+Sans}}\textsuperscript{,}\footnote{\url{http://mozilla.github.io/Fira/}} are used to properly set the main fonts.
        This theme provides styling commands to typeset \emph{emphasized}, \alert{alerted}, \textbf{bold}, \textcolor{example}{example text}, \dots
        \texttt{FiraSans} also provides support for mathematical symbols:
            e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0.

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