I just started to use TeXstudio and it works really great. However, I am on Windows and it regularly requests to update Miktex (which causes a popup concerning admin rights).

Can I disable this update process? As I work offline frequently, I need this variant.

Please let me know, if you need further information.

Nothing happend since I asked but yesterday: enter image description here

"Anzeigepunktfür die Benachrichtigungen" refers to some Windows setting, but there is nothing obvious about Miktex...

Miktex settings enter image description here

TexStudio settings (German :-() enter image description here

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  • I Don't think texstudio has anything to do with updating miktex, so you might want to change the title of your question – daleif Oct 31 at 15:15
  • That is new, never heard of that before – daleif Oct 31 at 17:19
  • No, and for some reason I cannot ping a person that might know from my phone – daleif Oct 31 at 17:38
  • Unless it is something you set up yourself, you might want to post it on the texstudio bugtracker. It is not something we've otherwise heard of – daleif Nov 1 at 8:58
  • I also have never seen anything like that. Could you add a screenshot of the dialog asking you to update MiKTeX, please? When does this happen? When you open TeXstudio or on compilation? – schtandard Nov 7 at 11:20