I use listings to produce my Matlab code. There I can use the \label and \ref commands for readers to direct them to my code and line number.

\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Code for deflection at the point of intersection},label={lst:A.1},numbers=left,escapeinside={@}{@}]
@\label{lst:Li11}@In_x = X_num - 1;

As you can see in listing \ref{lst:A.1} line number \ref{lst:Li11}

My code is 700 lines and I have to discuss each line of my code by cross-referring. As you can see it's tiring. Is there any other way so that I can label the line number quickly?


listings doesn't add labels automatically to each line number, but we can use the EveryPar hook to do that. The following code defines a label for each line, based on the listing's label value plus the line number separated by a hyphen, so in your example lst:A.1-1, lst:A.1-2 etc.





    caption={Code for deflection at the point of intersection},
@\label{lst:Li11}@In_x = X_num - 1;

As you can see in listing \ref{lst:A.1} line number \ref{lst:Li11} ...

As you can see in listing \ref{lst:A.1} line numbers \ref{lst:A.1-1}--\ref{lst:A.1-3} ...

enter image description here

  • Thank you very much. – JayDK Nov 6 at 14:30

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