Generally, it is definitely OK to write something like $\rightarrow'$, and we will get

rightarrow with apostrophe

However, in case for xrightarrows, the position of apostrophe would be quite weird, e.g. writing $\xrightarrow{\sigma}'$ results in

enter image description here

as LaTeX thinks apostrophe belongs to the arrow with its text above. So I'd like to know is it optimal way to put the apostrophe back to the "normal" position as for rightarrows?

P.S. I've attempt to use \mbox{$'$}, the vertical position is much better but it moves the apostrophe to the right side:

enter image description here


You can add an empty group to lower the prime. To preserve spacing, you must make the \xrightarrow an ordinary symbol by enclosing it in braces {...}, and make the result a \mathrel again.




$a \to b$

$a\to' b$

$a \xrightarrow{\sigma} b$

$a \xrightarrowprime{\sigma} b$

$a \xrightarrowprime[x+y+z]{\sigma} b$


enter image description here

  • I have removed my answer. My compliments.
    – Sebastiano
    Nov 5 '19 at 12:18
  • @Sebastiano Thx but you could have left it there. With a small \mathrel correction it would've been a perfectly acceptable answer.
    – campa
    Nov 5 '19 at 17:34

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