Do any good libraries exist for drawing kinematics diagram in LaTeX.

I am looking for something similar to the following image.

Kinematics diagram


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For your question I think that your question have a solution using sketch-lib that is a 3D solids library for sketch (where at the bottom of the page you can find the useful resources).

The files have an extension .sk (sketch) and it is possible to use language TikZ in global options section.

Here you can find an old guide: http://sketch4latex.sourceforge.net/sketch.pdf

For my opinion it is very hard to understand for me. Related links:

  1. http://mirrors.concertpass.com/tex-archive/graphics/sketch/Doc/sketch.html#Introduction-by-example
  2. http://alexdu.github.io/sketch-lib/ where you find the same image of your question

enter image description here

with the source: kinematics.sk.

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