I want to use the name of an author from my sources in the plain text as small capitals. Can I achieve this by referencing to the bibtex or do I have to stick with the "hard coded" name.

This is what I want:

As EINSTEIN wrote in his source bla blub. [EIN04]

This is what I do:

As \textsc{Einstein} wrote in his source bla blub.\cite{Einstein1904}

This is what I somehow want to do:

As \somecommand{Einstein1904} wrote in his source bla blub. \cite{Einstein1904}

Does anybody know if there is a way to achieve this?

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    Welcome to TeX.SE. Please tell us whether you use bibtex or biblatex/Biber to create the formatted bibliography. If you use bibtex, please also reveal which bibliography style you employ, and whether you use a citation management package such as natbib.
    – Mico
    Nov 6 '19 at 13:39

In case you use biblatex this MWE should demonstrate how to access the author's name from the bibliography:


    author =       {Einstein, Albert},
    title =        {Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper},
    journal =      {Annalen der Physik},
    volume =       {322},
    number =       {10},
    year =         {1905},

    author =       {Zweistein, Anton and Dreistein, Berta},
    title =        {Neuste Erkenntnisse},
    journal =      {Annalen der Astrologie},
    volume =       {1},
    number =       {1},
    year =         {2019},


\citename{einstein1905}{author} said: \ldots

\citename{zweiDreistein2019}{author} said: \ldots

\citeauthor{einstein1905} said: \ldots

\citeauthor{zweiDreistein2019} said: \ldots

Name in small caps:

\albertEinstein{} said: \ldots

\einstein{} said: \ldots

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