In AUCTeX the environment template (LaTeX-environment, bound to C-c C-e) tool is very useful, but it seems to not work with many (possibly all?) non-standard document classes - for me it doesn't work with memoir and revtex which are the classes I use the most. In these cases the function doesn't prompt for the label or caption and inserts the environment bare. Is there a way to turn on the templates for all document classes?

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  • Are you talking about a figure-environment? If so, I can't reproduce what you describe. figure-environment as example is defined in latex.el and should always be available. But you are right, AUCTeX doesn't have specific support for revtex and memoir. Nov 8, 2019 at 21:20

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AUCTeX's latex.el caters support for vanilla LaTeX macros and environments. Support for additional packages and classes are provided by respective AUCTeX style files. AUCTeX now has a style file revtex4-2.el in order to support REVTeX and will be available to you with next release.

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