I'm getting an error when trying to typeset my CV using moderncv. I'm doing this on Linux using texlive and when I try to compile it using pdflatex an error is returned at the \homepage{} line, specifically saying that it is an undefined control sequence. I've checked the moderncv entry on CTAN and the \homepage{} entry is included in the example file, template.tex, but that when I try to compile that, it returns the same error. Is there something missing from texlive that's causing it not to work, or am I just missing something here?

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According to the changelog, \homepage was only added this May. Most Linux distributions don’t have recent enough TeX Live packages.

You can either install a new version of TeX Live, replacing the one from your package manager, our install a current version of moderncv from CTAN into your local texmf dir.

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