I changed my documentclass from report to amsbook (from AMSLaTeX) and everything was fine. Then I decided to change it back to the report document class, but it will not compile. In order for it to compile, I am forced to comment out the \tableofcontents command. It gives the error message undefined control sequence. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Remove all auxiliary files and compile again.
    – lockstep
    Apr 11 '12 at 20:02

Let's see what happens when we compile the following file


Here's the contents of the .toc file:

\contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {1}Title}{2}
\contentsline {section}{\numberline {1.1}X}{2}

When we change the first line of the file to be


the .toc file becomes

\contentsline {chapter}{\tocchapter {Chapter}{1}{Title}}{3}
\contentsline {section}{\tocsection {}{1}{X}}{3}

Thus we see that the amsbook class inserts some commands (\tocchapter and \tocsection) which are not understood by the standard class report; moreover it organizes the information in a slight different way.

One should also observe that the AMS classes are incompatible with tocloft, for a similar reason: they manage the .toc file in a different way.


Remove the .toc file before compiling after having changed the class. This is a good thing to do in such circumstances with all auxiliary files, so that we start afresh with the new document class.

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