I have the following code,

{}{\sum_{i}\sum_{j} c_{ij}x_{ij}}{}{} 
\addConstraint{\sum_{j \in \mathcal{P}} s_{xj}} {=1 \quad}{}{\quad \alpha}
\addConstraint{\sum_{p \in \mathcal{P}^{k}}y_{p}^{k}}{= 1\quad}{}{ \quad \beta}
\addConstraint{\sum_{p \in \mathcal{P}^{k}}y_{p}^{k}}{= 1\quad}{\forall i = s,t}{ \quad \gamma}

The above code is supposed to output an optimization problem and the \alpha, \beta and \gamma are the dual variables. I want them aligned to the right and maybe even in a different color as shown in the below code.

enter image description here

Could someone let me know if I can do this in optidef or should I use a basic align environment.


I can't see a good reason for not using an align environment, along with \tag instructions.

enter image description here

\usepackage{mathtools} % for "\mathclap" macro
\text{minimize} \quad 
   &\sum_{i}\sum_{j} c_{ij}x_{ij} \\
\text{subject to} \quad
   &\sum_{\mathclap{j\in\mathcal{P}}} s_{xj}=1,         \tag{$\alpha$}\\
   &\sum_{\mathclap{p\in\mathcal{P}^{k}}} y_{p}^{k}= 1, \tag{$\beta$} \\
   &\sum_{\mathclap{p\in\mathcal{P}^{k}}} y_{p}^{k}= 1\quad\forall i=s,t \tag{$\gamma$}
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