I was trying to change the name of the Abstact to Summary. I tried \renewcommand{\abstractname}{Summary}. That did not work, so I removed that line. And now the abstract title has completely disappeared. I'm using TexStudio. Its also disappeared in other documents using the same class. Also the \affil command is no longer recognized. I've included a picture of the output.

Thanks for you suggestions.


%\documentclass[journal]{new-aiaa} for journal papers

\title{No Abstract}

\author{N. O. Abstract}}



Where is my abstract title?




The class does


The default definition in abstract.sty is


and the abstract environment does


On the other hand the class also does


which is meant to print the abstract in bold face.

I conclude that these are deliberate choices and you shouldn't try and modify them.

  • I fully agree with egreg, that this is likely not what should be done if you intent to submit this as an abstract. However, as you can make your own choices: adding \renewcommand{\abstitlestyle}[1]{#1} and \renewcommand{\abstractname}{Summary} to the preamble portion of your document works for me. Not saying that it looks particularly enticing. But the choice is yours. Nov 15 '19 at 17:53
  • I agree its unorthodox and maybe a dumb question. But I'm submitting the same document to two different things with different style guidelines, and just want to quickly change the abstract heading. Not planning to make a habit of it. These two answers are what I needed though, so thanks.
    – an4
    Nov 15 '19 at 18:03

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