In the exercises of the C++PL (4th Edition) I see that it is possible to write, for example, (*1).

How can I achieve this in LaTeX? When I try the same sequence of characters as I just did before (in text in LaTeX), then it is rendered similar to: (*1)

  • On my computer, the two examples look the similar, with a raised star before a numeral 1. The position of the star seems to be a glyph variant, some tt fonts use a centred asterisk, not all. – James K Nov 17 at 7:35

What about \textasteriskcentered as in the following MWE?

enter image description here

Here is a vertically centered star \textasteriskcentered{} while here is the normal star * filler text

You can use $\ast1$ in math mode to archive this result. This is a shorter function to the one described above.

enter image description here

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