I would like to dynamically copy the first sentence of my long caption into the short caption for generating the figure list. Whenever I make changes to the long caption, the short caption updates accordingly.

To be more precise, I'd like to some sort of setter-getter mechanism for all the captions of my figures.

\caption[text_A_getter]{text_A_setter. text_B.}

I could save textA to a file but find it difficult to maintain for a large number of figures simultaneously.

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Not sure if this really is the best idea and that practical, but you could use a command and redefine it if needed:

enter image description here



\renewcommand{\firstsent}{This is the first sentence.}
\caption[\firstsent]{\firstsent{} And here comes the rest of the long caption.}

\renewcommand{\firstsent}{This caption gets a different first sentence.}
\caption[\firstsent]{\firstsent{} Remaining text}


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