I am making a manual with LaTeX and at the end of the manual I want to insert a full-page blank table where I can have people sign to acknowledge that they have read the manual.

Currently I am doing this:

\section{Sign on sheet}
% NOTE: This is a very messy way of making a one page table.

Date & Name & Signature \\\hline\hline
1 January 2012 & John Citizen & XXXXXXXXX \\\hline
& & \\[0.4cm]\hline
& & \\[0.4cm]\hline
& & \\[0.4cm]\hline

And I have to play around with the number of lines to make it fill the page. I use \\[0.4cm] to make the rows a little larger to leave space for handwriting when the document is printed. Is there a better way to do this?

  • Related: dynamic signature/date line, or is this a duplicate? Since your page size is not going to change often, you could just manually repeat one of the linked solutions to fill the page. – Peter Grill Apr 13 '12 at 1:10
  • Here's a way to avoid having to input all those [0.4cm] extra-space specifiers: Load the array package in the preamble and issue the command \setlength\extrarowheight{0.4cm}. If you issue the latter command in the preamble it'll affect all tabular environment; to keep its scope local to just one tabularx environment, issue the command after an opening curly brace ({) and before the \begin{tabularx}{... statement, and issue a closing curly brace (}) after the end of the tabularx environment. – Mico Apr 13 '12 at 1:19

I suggest a different approach, not using a tabular structure; the \linefill command in the example below is a modification of the same command from the exam document class; it fills the vertical space of height given as its argument with the pattern of horizontal lines declared by \linefill. You use a minipage with fixed height h for the header and then you symply use \linefill{\textheight-h} to fill the page with the pattern; the vertical separation between lines can be changed by using the length \linefillheight (initially set to 1cm):


\newlength\linefillheight % vertical distance between lines

\newlength\wcolone %first column width
\newlength\wcoltwo %second column width
\newlength\wcolthree % third column width


  \hrule height 0pt
  \cleaders\hbox to \hsize{\hskip \@totalleftmargin
          \vrule height \linefillheight depth 0pt width 0pt
          \linefill} \vskip #1 \hbox{}%


\section{Sign on sheet}



enter image description here

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