Currently I use \usepackage{appendix}. After command \appendix, each \section{Section Name} will be shown as "Appendix A. Section Name".

I wish to have a title page for the appendix. Specifically, I want to let the appendix begin with title "Appendix for My Paper XXX" and some description paragraphs, and then start with each section. Is it possible in LaTex?

  • You can try to do that with the titling package, which yields tools to customise the \maketitle command.
    – Bernard
    Nov 23 '19 at 23:36

As you haven't given an MWE I don't know what you have done but as you mention \section I assume you are using the article class.

% appendixpageprob3.tex  SE 517746 title page and text

\usepackage[page]{appendix} % print appendices title
\renewcommand{\appendixpagename}{Appendix for My Paper XXX} % Appendices title

\clearpage  % move to another page
Some text after the Appendices heading.
\clearpage % move to another page

\section{In appendices}



Check the documentation (> texdoc appendix) for details.

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