whenever I rum latex i get the problem texify failed to create the dvi file. FOr possible expalanations start the command from the command prompt. I am totally new to the latex, I don;t know, how to fix this problem. I searched and read so many times, there is no mistake anywhere.

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    Welcome to TeX.SX. Consider taking the tour to understand how to properly ask questions. People devote their own time to helping others. Consider taking some of your time to help us helping you. At least, provide a Minimal Working Example (MWE) showing the type of document you are using and what packages you use. – jchd Nov 26 at 8:42
  • texify does not always generate the most useful error messages if things went wrong. Try to run the relevant commands (latex for DVI output, pdflatex for PDF output) directly and see what they have to say about your file. Without any more information what your document looks like (an MWE) we can't say anything more useful. – moewe Nov 26 at 17:35
  • Any news here? We need to see an actual example document that reproduces the issue you are seeing. Without that we can not say anything useful. Please provide an MWE. If there is no development here in due time I will vote to close this question as unclear. – moewe Nov 29 at 16:29

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