I have only a specification by example for writing a paper. Is there a bibTeX style that reproduces the following output:


Blevins, Juliette. 2004. Evolutionary Phonology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Johnson, Kyle, Mark Baker and Ian Roberts. 1989. Passive arguments raised. Linguistic Inquiry 20: 219–251.


Webelhuth, Gert ed. 1995. Government and Binding Theory and the Minimalist Program: Principles and Parameters in Syntactic Theory. Oxford: Blackwell.

Chapters in collective volumes

Jucker, Andreas H. and Sara Smith. 1998. And people just you know like ‘wow’: Discourse markers as negotiating strategies. In Andreas H. Jucker and Yael Ziv eds. Discourse Markers: Descriptions and Theory. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 171–201.

Features: Given names are spelled out and are in front of the name except for the first author, blocks are separated by full stops, Journals are gives as "Name Number:Pages".

I know I can make such a style myself, but I want to know about existing bibTeX styles for this kind of lay-out.

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    I'm not aware of an existing bib style that incorporates of all your formatting requirements. I assume that by "I know I can make such a style myself", you're alluding to the makebst utility of the custom-bib package. For sure, that's what I was going to recommend you pursue if nobody steps forward with a pointer to an existing bst file.
    – Mico
    Nov 28, 2019 at 20:56


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