Using a MikTeX/WinEdt installation and compiling with "PDFTeXify" I can succesfully manage my rather extensive thesis including bibtex references, eps figures/tables and various tex-files. However, now that I want to include pdf's of several pages in the appendix I have encountered an issue.

I run \usepackage{pdfpages} in the premable and try to include my pdf-files using \includepdf[pages=-]{myfile.pdf}. It compiles fine, no error messages, but the pdf file is not included. If I then compile using "PDFLaTex" instead, then it includes the pdf, but it takes forever and it struggles to include eps-files and the references from bibtex.

Why can I not include the pdf using "PDFTeXify"? What is the difference between compiling using "PDFLaTex" and "PDFTeXify"?

  • pdflatex only calls pdflatex and only once. So you need to call bibtex and the follow-up pdflatex runs yourself. pdftexify tries to do all the needed steps in an automated way, but if it fails it nearly impossible to understand what went wrong (my guess would be that you actually used texify and so latex). – Ulrike Fischer Nov 29 at 14:41

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