When using the \paragraph{Title} command is there a way of aligning the proceeding lines with the title of the paragraph. Or is there any package that makes the paragraph sectioning into an environment that perhaps could align the text?

Default: default

Indented: indented

  • for the text in the image you should use \begin{itemize}\item not \paragraph – David Carlisle Nov 30 '19 at 13:04

Instead of using \paragraph, I would suggest to type these kind of contents in a list, e.g. using itemize. Short example:

\item[\textbf{a)}] Tegn grafen for $f$ i grafvinduet $[-5,5]\times[-5,5]$.
\item[\textbf{b)}] Bestem gradienten for $f$ i punktet $P(1,3, f$ and so on and so on and grafens stejlhed i punktet $P$.

enter image description here

Here, itemize automatically ensures the proper indentation of the text following the "titles" (here rather the problem numbers). Instead of manually defining the problem numbers, you can also employ the enumitem package to adjust numbering and formatting of the list environments.

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