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I would like this symbol, except with a dotted horizontal line. Thank you. :)


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Using elements from Frac or inference rule with dotted line you can define \rcr{<num>}{<denom>}:

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       \hbox to\wd0{%
         \xleaders\hbox{\kern.5pt\vrule height 0.4pt width 1.5pt\kern.5pt}\hfill



For relatively prime integers~$m$ and~$n$ define the \textbf{rational cubic residue symbol} as
  \rcr{m}{n} = \begin{cases}
    1  & \text{$m$ is a cubic residue mod~$n$} \\
    -1 & \text{$m$ is a cubic non-residue mod~$n$}


It would be possible to modify \rcr to set according to the math style, if needed.

You can also try with


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