Can you specify the natural language of a PDF compiled with pdflatex? This Tingtun Accessibility checker doesn't like my PDFs because this isn't set. This page calls it the " /Lang entry in the document catalog of a PDF" and describes how to change it in Adobe Acrobat. But it would be nice to set this automatically at compile time. I would imagine that there is a setting to pass to hyperref to set the natural language, but I haven't found it yet.

  • Interesting link! Thanks a lot. I tested my actual document and it had two errors. The natural language you mentioned and---surprise---inconsistent headers and footers. I used KOMA-Script scrbook and its default headers. I couldn't find any mistake. Quite stunning! – Jan Dec 4 '19 at 8:08

The following document passes the test that you linked. It should be obvious from the example how to set the language.


  pdflang={en-US}, % PDF language identifier (RFC 3066)




If for some reason you cannot use hyperref, you can also modify the PDF catalog by hand using

\pdfcatalog{/Lang (en-US)}
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