When I use allowframebreaks in bibliography, the title of the slide is changed on the next page (on the first slide Reference I and on the second slide Reference II). How did this happen?

What I have so far:



\usefonttheme{professionalfonts} % using non standard fonts for beamer
\usefonttheme{serif} % default family is serif

        \setbeamertemplate{bibliography item}[text]
    \alert{{\"U}ber die W{\"a}rmeleitung der Fl{\"u}ssigkeiten bei Ber{\"u}cksichtigung der Str{\"o}mungen infolge von Temperaturdifferenzen}
    \newblock {Oberbeck, Anton}
    \newblock {Wiley Online Library 1879}.

    \alert{Uber die Bewegungsercheinungen der Atmosphere. Sitz. Ber. K}
    \newblock {Oberbeck, A}
    \newblock {Preuss. Akad. Miss 1888}.

    \alert{Boussinesq, Joseph}
    \newblock  {Th{\'e}orie de l'{\'e}coulement tourbillonnant et tumultueux des liquides dans les lits rectilignes a grande section}
    \newblock {Gauthier-Villars 1897}.

    \alert{Bachelier, Louis}
    \newblock {Annales scientifiques de l'{\'E}cole normale sup{\'e}rieure}
    \newblock {1900}.

    \alert{Struve, Otto}
    \newblock {The Astrophysical Journal}
    \newblock {1931}.


For allowframebreaks the following is in the beamer class documentation:

[...] If there is a frame title, each of the pages will have this frame title, with a special note added indicating which page of the frame that page is. By default, this special note is a Roman number. However, this can be changed [...].

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