I am trying to get rid of the (n.d) that appears in the citations.

Below is my MWP.


Something to cite~\cite{google}.



I tried to include the following code, for example, from this answer just before \begin{document}. However, I get Undefined control sequence error for \DeclareLabeldate and \field.


This discussion hints that it may require something more to be tweaked?

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The easiest solution is to use biblatex. The file ACM-Reference-Format.bbx defines the following macro:

    {\printtext{[n.\ d.]}}%

Fortunately, we can redefine this macro using renewbibmacro in the following way:

    {}% We omitted the default value "[n. d.]" of ACM here!

As a result, the following biblatex record:

  title = {{SQLite}, speedtest1},
  url   = {https://sqlite.org/cpu.html}

Renders without the date:

biblatex reference without the default value when the date is omitted

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