How can I place a point label exactly over the top of a node using tkz-euclide? I know it can be done with tikz using something like \node (A) at (1,1) {A};.

Is there any equivalent using tkz-euclide, like eg, \tkzLabelPoint[center](1,1){A}?

The \tkzLabelPoint options include above, below, above left, below right, etc, but if I leave the position option blank it defaults to below right. I can do something like \tkzLabelPoint[above, yshift=-12](1,1){A}, but this seems like an unsatisfactory work-around.


You can use anchor=center (\tkzLabelPoint is just a node with predefined style).





enter image description here

  • you can use a shorthand for anchor=center: \tkzLabelPoint[red,centered](A){$A$} – Alain Matthes Dec 18 '19 at 10:33

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