I am using TeXworks on a Mac to run a LaTeX template of Journal of Materials Science. The template contains .eps files as all the pictures should be in .eps. I am getting the following error message:

! Package pdftex.def Error: File `example-eps-converted-to.pdf' not found:
using draft setting.

I tried to find the solution here but couldn't find any. Any help will be highly appreciated.

  • You are not really giving us any information here. What kind of system are you on. Are you using TeXLive or Miktex. Can we see the code you are using. – daleif Dec 3 at 10:29
  • Hi daleif, Many thanks for your quick reply. I am using Texworks and the code is as follows: – Tasnuva Dec 3 at 10:35
  • I am trying to include the code and its giving me warning " too long". Sorry. any suggestion how to post a long code? – Tasnuva Dec 3 at 10:37
  • The only way I was able to reproduce your problem was by removing the filecontents block named example.eps at the beginning of the proposed template and by also deleting the example.eps and example-eps-converted-to.pdf files in the folder. I guess you have removed them. A way of solving your problem is to also remove the \begin{figure} \end{figure} blocks in which the \includegraphics{example.eps} command appear (be careful, there are two). – KersouMan Dec 3 at 10:38
  • Do not add code to explain your problem in the comments, edit your original question to add it. – KersouMan Dec 3 at 10:38

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