I have the following command:


\draw (0,0) node[anchor=north]{$A$} -- (2,0) node[midway,below] {6}

-- (2,0) node[anchor=north] {$B$} -- (0,2) node[midway,right] {10}

-- (0,2) node[anchor=south] {$C$} -- (0,0) node[midway, left] {8}



How do I label my angles?


One possible way is to use the angles library. To this end, I introduced named coordinates and turned the nodes into labels (and removed some duplicated coordinates). You can adjust the parameters like angle eccentricity and angle radius to achieve your preferred outcome.


\begin{tikzpicture}[ang/.style={draw, angle eccentricity=1.5,angle radius=0.6cm}]

\draw (0,0) coordinate[label=below:{$A$}](A) --  node[below] {6}
    (2,0) coordinate[label=below:{$B$}](B) --  node[right] {10}
    (0,2) coordinate[label=above:{$C$}](C) --  node[left] {8} cycle
    pic ["$\alpha$",ang]{angle=B--A--C}
    pic ["$\beta$",ang]{angle=C--B--A}
    pic ["$\gamma$",ang]{angle=A--C--B};

enter image description here

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