I don't want to use the \equation tag. But I want to write as follow:

Set of equations: x = y + 5
                  y = 3

I tried the alignment operator (&) but didn't work out. I tried \quad, \tab, but also couldn't get it. I tried \begin{itemize}, but it goes usually on new line, and I want the first equation on the same line.

  • There's an important distinction as to whether the equations should be part of a paragraph of text (as in Schrödinger's cat's answer), or whether "Set of equations:" should be part of a displayed set of equations (as in the other three answers). You've not said which, but should be aware of the difference. – Teepeemm Dec 5 '19 at 17:39

Welcome! You can use the aligned environment with [t] for that.

Set of equations: $\begin{aligned}[t]x &= y + 5\\
                  y &= 3\end{aligned}$

enter image description here


You can use the standard tabbing environment for this.

  Set of equations: \= $x = y + 5$ \\
                    \> $y = 3$     \\

enter image description here


I would do it with flalign(*):

&\rlap{Set of equations:} & x &= y + 5 & \\
              & &   y &= 3

enter image description here


If it should be displayed math, you might just use align (or if the equations shouldn't be numbered align* instead):



  \text{Set of equations:}\quad
  x &= y + 5 \\
  y &= 3

enter image description here

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