I want to shorten a tabular by making text in the first column consume more than one cell in the last (rather than first) rows of the tabular. I know csvsimple accepts macros however lines can't be started by a slash \, so I added a dot . to the beginning of the last line with the \multicolumn command.

However, that does not work. How could I accomplish this? Here's an example:




tabular = ccc,
late after line = \\,
head to column names,
no check column count,
respect none]
{\a & \b & \c}

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    once you start needing to put tex commands in the csv file isn't it simpler just to make the file a tabular and \input it rather than use a package to parse it? Basically you just need to use & instead of , and put \\ at the end of every line. – David Carlisle Dec 5 '19 at 21:02
  • you're right, that's certainly much simpler. I'm teaching a friend LaTeX and he got quite fascinated by the fact you can just import CSV files, so I wanted to see if he could keep working that way. – rberaldo Dec 5 '19 at 21:16

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